The CHIME Project Underpins the CCFSS Approach to Working with Children

What is CHIME?


Having a sense of connectedness means feeling content with the relationships we have with others and ourselves.


Being hopeful and optimistic about the future helps us to believe that things can get better, there is something to look forward to.


Our sense of identity is important so that we can accept who we are. We can see the good parts of ourselves, our positive roles in life.


The meaning we have in our lives gives us a sense of purpose day-to-day and an overall sense of contributing to the world around us.


Empowerment is having an inner strength that we can call on when we need to achieve something for ourselves and when we need to reach out for support in achieving a goal.


The concepts of Connection, Hope, Identity, Meaning and Empowerment (CHIME) underpin the approach taken by CCFSS in the development of the CHIME project.

Parent and child focused programs of the CHIME project promote resilience in families, reduce the impact of mental illness on parenting, and increase communication and understanding about mental illness in families.

CHIME for Families

The CHIME project will deliver programs targeted to the individual needs of families, creating opportunities to increase family functioning.

Parent focused programs help improve attachment relationships and promote positive parenting to increase parenting capacity. 

Child focused programs are designed to enhance children’s understanding of mental illness, and provide peer support to promote resilience and positive coping strategies. 

Family focused interventions focus on the needs of both parents and children to help improve communication and reduce the impact of mental illness on the whole family.

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